The NHS staff are doing an incredible and brave service, risking their lives to help us and our friends & families. We want to do what we can to thank them by helping Pizza 4 NHS campaign.

We need everyone involved regardless of where you are. So what is Pizza 4 NHS? How does it work?

You buy some pizzas from our Pizza 4 Hospitals Menu.
The pizzas you buy is your donation to a hospital and they go straight to a hospital not to you. We will cook it and deliver it to a hospital on your behalf. For every pizza that you buy, we will send additional one on us. For example, you buy a Margherita – we will add another on top. We will double up whatever you order regardless of how many.

Together we can do more so please buy a pizza for a hospital and let’s feed the hospitals some hot food. A pizza makes everyone smile too! 

Important: order from PIZZA 4 NHS MENU and choose PICK UP not delivery.

Over 17000 people reached, more than 100 shares

At East Hull Pizza, food to us is so much more than eating. It’s about getting together, community, sharing and creating connection.
In this challenging time, we would like to take a moment to send our heartfelt thoughts to all of those directly affected and impacted by CORVID-19. These are unprecedented times for our industry, our country and the world.

Lets look after each other and elderly. We are right here with you all. Let’s support each other, stay safe and be kind. Let’s support our NHS. Please join us, donate a pizza to a hospital or at least participate by sharing #pizza4nhs campaign with your friends and family.
Have a look at our facebook page, check out our instagram and twitter posts. Please stay safe and stay home.

Useful websites:

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